The camera cradle is
designed to take out as much
vibration as possible. Even
though the plane is powered
by electrical engines, there
are vibrations coming from
the propelers. Also the wind
when passing through  the
body of the plane, creates
other kind of vibration. Here
in this video, you can see
how the anti-vibration mount
works. It also softens the
landings and take-offs for the
camera body and electronics.
Without the vibration
dampening, the video picture
would blur. It is designed to
dampen roll movement of the
plane, using gravity.
The 360° pan is geared for
very soft movement. It can
rotate continually. This
assures that the camera can
stare at an object when the
autopilot holds over a GPS point. The camera plane can stay 30 minutes in the air using the energy from two
8000mAh lipo batteries. It can take off from a 30 metres grass strip using flaps, The camera is protected by a
special wheel placed right at the bottom of the camera cradle. When a hard landing occurs, the wheel should
help to protect the camera.
The autopilot on our planes is
just a safety feature. Our
company worked together with