Consists of these units:
Althold unit - monitors the assigned speed and height. It needs a pitot tube
to sample the barometric pressure and dynamic pressure.
GPS - any Garmin product - we suggest Etrex or Geko.
GPS interface unit - takes the GPS signal and steers the rudder to the
desired track.
Infrared stabilizer - we use Copilot from FMA. If you have a stable plane,
the infrared stabilizer is not necessary.
 JeTi-Box - Every plane needs a certain amount of autopilot functions
adjusting. To make this task as easy as possible we use a handy product that
is supposed to be used for adjusting JeTi engine Regulators.
To program the autopilot and to monitor the plane position, we use radio
modem and PDA with OziExplorer software. 
The autopilot is a result of our cooperation with its producer
Our company suggested how it should work to satisfy our needs. We did severe testing on
the components. One of the tests is placed in the video window.