See how the autopilot keeps the RC model stable during a preprogrammed mission.
It controls its speed, altitude, position, and attitude. The electronics was made as cheap as
possible, using standard parts that one can get everywhere. See the result. It is surprising.
Carbon fiber 360 Pan and 110 Tilt camera gimbal for small planes. Pan servo HS 81, Tilt servo
HS 55. Used on a UAV electric plane serving at It weights about
100 grams. Camera used KX 191 color and night mode.
This little plane is ideal for placing the carbon fiber camera gimbal on. Adding the autopilot to it
makes it a powerful spy tool. This time no piloting - the autopilot takes care. You only point the
camera where desired.
Little plane Fun jet with a 360 pan, 110 tilt camera. Pilot and camera operator in one person.
Even without camera stabilization or any other electronic help the pilot is able to keep the
camera pointed at one location. It needs some training and it is not perfect but its price differs a
lot from the advanced systems.